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18 Best BJJ Gis on the market in 2023 (Ranked & Reviewed)



Best Overall

Made in USA without compromise. The most innovative Gi.

Get Origin The Path GiRead Review
Best for Summer

Made of Japanese cotton for the softest feel during rolls.

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Best for Competitions

Ultra Light weight Gi best suited for BJJ competitions.

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Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a very popular sport these days in gi and no-gi. If you train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu then you know that IBJJF competitions require a certain type of BJJ gi. This is done for a reason. In this blog post, I will talk about some of the best jiu-jitsu gis and their features.

What Are the Best BJJ Gis out there?

Some of the most popular BJJ Gi brands are Fuji, Sanabul, Tatami, Kingz, Origin, and Hayabusa.

Whether you’re looking for an inexpensive blank BJJ gi or something stylish and high-end, this “18 best BJJ gis on the market” article will help you find one that fits within your budget, body type, and preferences. Let’s get started on finding the best BJJ gi for YOU!

Our list of 18 Best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gis on the market in 2023

  1. Origin The Path Gi
  2. Future Kimono Pro Series
  3. Kingz Ultralight 2.0 BJJ Gi
  4. Kingz Classic 3.0 
  5. Tatami Estilo BJJ Gi
  6. Hayabusa Goorudo 3 Gold
  7. Ronin Oni Bushi BJJ Gi
  8. Origin The Rift
  9. Tatami Nova Absolute
  10. Fuji Supertario BJJ Gi
  11. Sanabul NASA
  12. Shogun Heishi BJJ Gi
  13. Sanabul Vintage 
  14. Venum Power 2.0 
  15. Gold BJJ Foundation
  16. Origin Everest Gi
  17. Moya Standard Issue BJJ Gi
  18. Hayabusa Marvel Hero Elite

Origin The Path Gi  

Best BJJ Gis

The Path Gi is a perfect combination of function, style, and value making it the best BJJ gi. It is abrasion resistant and known for its durability, moisture-wicking to keep you cool when training, and soil release so it stays looking fresh. If you’re looking for a brand that offers top-quality BJJ gis, look no further than Origin BJJ gis. No doubt Origin is a relatively new BJJ gi brand, but it just might be the best BJJ gi brand ever to come into existence.

If you are a serious athlete who demands greatness from their BJJ gear, then choose The Path Gi. Origin Gis are 100% designed, woven, and manufactured in the USA.

Benefits of The Path Gi

  • IBJJF approved.
  • Pre-shrunk PolySynth© yarn is 10x stronger than any pearl weave yarn and 100 times more resilient than the current industry standard.
  • Comes with classic or Origin’s pro pants that are 100x stronger than cotton pants.


Priced at $210, this is a high-level gi for pros that demand performance without sacrifice.

Future Kimonos Pro Series

Best BJJ Gis

Future Kimonos’ PRO SERIES Kimono is your ideal companion in achieving excellence. This kimono is made out of ultra-soft Japanese cotton. Don’t settle for anything less than what’s best and become unstoppable like Gordon Ryan himself.

Featuring slim fit and internal drawstring pants, this kimono is designed to contour your body and enhance your performance. The tailored fit ensures that you look and feel your best, while the detailed embroidery adds a touch of style and sophistication.

Benefits of Future Kimono Pro Series

  • IBJJF approved.
  • Weighs only 290 grams and is ultra-lightweight.
  • Gi pants are 8 oz cotton ripstop pants and are made with Japanese cotton.


This kimono even beats the Origin Gis at $319 dollars and is most certainly a premium gi.

Kingz Ultralight 2.0

Best BJJ Gis
Kingz was Leandro Lo’s (Rest in Peace) first choice for a very long time.

The Kingz Ultralight BJJ gi is one of the top-of-the-line products designed for competitors that provides comfort and maneuverability to the wearer. It has been one of the best BJJ gi for a very long time.

Replacing the woven patches of its predecessor, this Gi features a clean and streamlined aesthetic with embroideries on each arm, back of the neck, and up the leg. It is also the lightest model yet, making it perfect for competition mats.

Benefits of Kingz Ultralight 2.0

  • IBJJF approved.
  • 420 GSM Pearl weave offers a comfortable and breathable fit.
  • Gi pants are 8 oz cotton & polyester ripstop and double-enforced stitching ensures durability and longevity.


At $160 for an adult gi, this slim-fit jiu-jitsu kimono will provide the comfort and mobility needed to perform at your highest level.

The Kingz Classic 3.0

Best BJJ Gis

The Classic kimono’s jacket is expertly crafted from 450 GSM Pearl Weave Plus, a tightly woven fabric that resists shrinkage and feels luxuriously soft. It is constructed of one piece with extra reinforcements in all the major stress points.

This gi is made with a traditional cut and design, providing a classic look and fit. It is a good choice for those looking for a traditional gi that is both stylish and functional.

Benefits of The Kingz Classic 3.0 

  • IBJJF approved.
  • Crafted from 450 GSM Pearl Weave Plus, a tightly woven fabric that resists shrinkage.  
  • Pants are designed using 100% 10 oz drill cotton to ensure superior strength and comfort.


Coming in at $130 for an adult gi, this gi offers great value for its price.

Tatami Black Label Estilo

Best BJJ Gis

Tatami is one of the best BJJ gi brands that has been around for a very long time. The Black Label Estilo is a premium jiu-jitsu gi by Tatami and is made for an advanced BJJ practitioner. This gi comes in a variety of sizes and is a bit on the heavy side. You will certainly get noticed when training in this jiu-jitsu gi. Keep in mind that you should allow 5% shrinkage after washing when selecting your size.

Benefits of Tatami Estilo 

  • IBJJF approved.
  • Fabric weight of 550 gsm and features Tatami Y-Vent technology.
  • BJJ Gi pants are 12oz canvas pants that are virtually impossible to rip.


Coming in at $160 for an adult BJJ gi makes it a great mid-priced gi.

Hayabusa Goorudo 3 Gold

Best BJJ Gis

The Hayabusa Goorudo 3 Gold Gi is a premium quality BJJ Gi designed to last through the toughest training sessions. With its modern design and classic comfort, this BJJ gi includes unique Hayabusa logo embroidery for added style. Moreover, the 4 available colors make this Gi stylish enough to wear in competition or casually rolling.

Benefits of The Hayabusa Goorudo 3 Gold

  • IBJJF compliant (excludes Grey).
  • A 550-GSM gold weave cotton jacket.
  • 12oz twill stretch crafted from 100% Cotton, making them virtually indestructible.


Priced at $149, this BJJ gi will stand up to hard use over time.

Ronin Oni Bushi

Best BJJ Gis

Ronin Oni Bushi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi is a very high-quality gi and is the perfect combination of modern style and classic comfort. Crafted with an eye toward detail, this kimono features the stunning artwork of a samurai emblazoned in its interior. It was the inspiration behind Ronin’s brand name. This BJJ Gi also includes a free gi bag.

Benefits of Ronin Oni Bushi

  • IBJJF approved.
  • Made of pre-shrunk cotton that’s 400 GSM pearl weave
  • Sublimated mesh lining inside so you stay cool during even the toughest sessions.
  • Gi pants come with 11oz super soft drill cotton.


Priced at $170, this Bjj gi is priced on the higher side but is worth it.

Origin Rift

Best BJJ Gis

The Origin Rift Gi might be the lightest gi that is designed for both comfort and durability. This BJJ gi is unlike anything else on the market. Origin became one of the best BJJ gi brands when they invented their proprietary Dragon Weave. This is Origin’s best BJJ gi and not for people looking for budget BJJ gis.

Benefits of The Origin Rift

  • IBJJF approved.
  • Made out of the legendary Dragon Weave that is ultra-light yet incredibly strong.
  • This Gi only comes with origins Pro Pants that are 100 times stronger than ripstop.


Priced at $330 this BJJ gi is only for people where money isn’t a concern.

Tatami Nova Absolute

Best BJJ Gis

The Tatami Nova Absolute Gi is an innovative, high-end Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gi designed to keep up with the demands of intense training. Tatami is one of the best BJJ gi brands out there and this is their value version.

Benefits of Tatami Nova Absolute 

  • IBJJF approved.
  • 350gsm Pearl Weave jacket is lightweight yet firm with 100% sturdy cotton.
  • The tapered 10oz pants come with a free white belt.


This is an excellent Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi choice for beginners and experienced practitioners alike with its comfortable design, and an affordable price tag of only $60.

Fuji Supertario

Suparaito, which means “super light” in Japanese, is your ideal companion. It is even been tried and tested by Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu legends like Xande Ribeiro.

With contrast stitching on the jacket & pants, a logo on its skirt and pants, as well as FUJI logos throughout, this piece of jiu-jitsu gear offers a design that not only looks great but also provides you with the necessary support during those heated matches. It’s important to note that the jacket is a bit on the shorter side.

Benefits of Fuji Supertario

  • IBJJF, NABJJF, and UAEJJF Approved
  • Extra Lightweight 350g Pearl Weave Gi Jacket.
  • Triple Reinforced Rip Stop Pants with contrast Stitching to make you stand out.


With an average price tag of around $140 Suparaito is in the mid-level price range.

Sanabul NASA BJJ Gi

The exclusive NASA-inspired Jiu Jitsu Gi is an ideal choice for those inspired by space exploration. Displaying three distinct looks inspired by the well-known NASA insignia and shades. It’s lightweight enough for all-year competitive training and offers a great fit with no excessive fabric. This limited edition series is out of this planet and will blow your mind.

Benefits of Sanabul NASA

  • Approved by the IBJJF.
  • Strong, long-lasting, single-weave cloth weighing 450 gsm.
  • 10-ounce ripstop cargo pants.


For those captivated by space exploration, the unique collection of NASA-inspired Jiu Jitsu Gi’s is for you at $200.

Shogun Heishi

The Shogun Heishi Gi boasts a simplistic exterior, yet the inside is home to an awe-inspiring illustration of a Samurai stormtrooper by Blackout Brother. Crafted with lightweight breathable mesh fabric, this jiu-jitsu gi won’t weigh you down or adhere uncomfortably to your body. It’s wonderfully soft and gentle on your skin.

Benefits of Shogun Heishi

  • IBJJF Approved.
  • 450gsm super soft Pearl Weave Gi jacket with 100% cotton.
  • 11oz drill cotton pants with reinforced knee padding and flexible rope string closure.


Priced at just $169 for an adult gi, this gi provides great value for money considering its lightweight yet durable design!

Sanabul Vintage 

Celebrating the origins of Judo and Jiu Jitsu, Sanabul created the Vintage Collection to capture the classic gi from days gone by. Its fundamental component is the unbleached cotton yarn that is loved by traditionalists for its natural color which makes it stand out more than modern designs.

This gi jiu-jitsu is heavier than other Sanabul jiu-jitsu gis, but the pleasant texture and comfortable feel offset this weight.

Benefits of Sanabul Vintage 

  • IBJJF approved.
  • Unbleached fabric for a classic look.
  • Ultra tough 550gsm kimono manufactured with 100% cotton canvas.


With a reasonable price tag of $169, this classic style gi might just be the perfect choice for its traditional look.

Venum Power 2.0 

The Venum Power 2.0 BJJ gi is designed with an ergonomic fit that allows your body to move freely without feeling constricted.

Get ready to experience the Venum BJJ Gi, complete with numerous features that enhance both performance and aesthetics. This BJJ gi comes with impeccable stitching on each shoulder as well as the pant legs for extra strength and resilience. In addition, you can enjoy inner sleeve reinforcements, reinforced fabric along openings in pants, and triangle reinforcements alongside vents. Woven tape within the jacket is meticulously crafted into this high-end yet affordable BJJ gi.

Benefits of Venum Power 2.0  

  • IBJJF Approved.
  • A 450 gsm cotton Pearl Weave jacket.
  • 280gsm ripstop cotton pants with reinforced seams and double-layer knee pads.


Priced at around $139.99, this quality gi offers great value for its incredibly lightweight and durable design.

Gold Foundation

The Gold BJJ Foundation gi is designed for those looking for a jiu-jitsu uniform with quality construction and modern styling. With a medium weight, this perfect BJJ gi is light enough to help you make your desired weight class and heavy enough to prove difficult for opponents grappling with their grip.

Benefits of the Gold Foundation

  • IBJJF approved.
  • 450gsm Pearl Weave jacket with a comfortable rash guard liner.
  • 10oz Ripstop pants for optimum durability.


Coming in at $129 for an adult gi, this jiu-jitsu gi provides a great value of quality, comfort, and style at an affordable price.

Origin Everest 

Engineered in the USA with steadfastness and exactitude, this Gi features Origin’s ATOMIC TWILL GEN 2. This is a performance fabric used in the jacket top and pants ultralight yet robust.

With gleaming embroidery adorning its quality construction, this jiu-jitsu gi is great for hard rolls during summer days. Atomic Twill GEN 2 quickly disperses your perspiration away from the body.

Benefits of Origin Everest

  • Ultimate Ultralight Atomic Twill V.2 material (twice as strong as Ripstop)
  • Abrasion resistance & enhanced durability with triple-stitched felled seams and built-in gusset.
  • A classic style drawcord pants or a choice of pro pants for $20.


The Origin Everest gi is priced at $159 for an adult gi, making it a great mid-priced jiu-jitsu gi.

Moya Standard Issue

Moya has created something ideal Gi for people who require a dependable, high-quality Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu uniform but don’t want to break the bank. This Gi is tough enough for everyday training and competitions. It also features Moya Brand’s trademark style and high-quality craftsmanship.

Benefits of Moya Standard Issue

  • Approved by the IBJJF.
  • 375 gsm Pearl Weave Light Jacket.
  • 10-ounce cotton pants. Triple-reinforced seams for exceptional quality and durability.


The Moya Standard Issue gi costs around $125 and is an excellent choice for beginners or those seeking a budget gi.

Hayabusa Marvel Hero Elite

This BJJ gi is decorated with 3 unique Marvel hero designs, including custom inner lining, patches, and embroidery, ensuring you look as good as your performance.

This lightweight gi provides everything athletes need to unleash their full potential during the most intensive training sessions. It also incorporates prominent Marvel world figures on the jacket and pants.

Benefits of The Hayabusa Marvel Hero Elite

  • IBJJF approved.
  • The jacket is 350-GSM pearl-weave cotton.
  • 8oz ripstop cotton-polyester blend pants with stretch drawstring.


This BJJ gi comes in at $189 for an adult gi, making it a tremendous mid-priced gi.

Frequently Asked Questions

What fabric should I look for in the best jiu-jitsu gi?

When selecting the optimal fabric for a jiu-jitsu gi, you should look for something resilient, and breathable yet comfortable enough to endure intense training and competition. Some popular options for jiu-jitsu gis include:

  1. Pearl Weave: This gi BJJ gi weave is renowned for its durability and sturdiness against wear and tear, as well as its comfort and ventilation.
  2. Gold Weave: Gold Weave is just like Pearl Weave but denser, making it robust and enduring. It is also a little heavier than usual which may be an advantage for certain users.
  3. Single Weave: Single Weave Gi makes the ideal pick for hot and humid training sessions with its lightweight and airy quality. However, it’s not as durable as Gold Weave or Pearl Weave.
  4. Ripstop: Lightweight with fast-drying qualities make this fabric a preferred choice for competition gi; however, ripstop isn’t as lasting compared to other fabrics yet is more comfortable to wear along with being less restrictive in movement.

What BJJ Gi Colours are IBJJF Approved?

The IBJJF only approves white, blue, and black Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gis for competition. Other gi colors such as red, navy, gray, and camouflage are prohibited in competitions.

How To Choose The Best BJJ Gi?

When looking for the best BJJ gi, there are a few factors you should take into consideration.

  • First and foremost is BJJ gi sizesIf your BJJ gi doesn’t fit properly, it won’t be comfortable while training or competing.
  • Then comes quality, look for reinforced stitching to ensure the durability and lifespan of your BJJ gi.
  • Don’t forget the BJJ gi weaves. Gold weave, pearl weave, ripstop, double weave, and so on. Different materials have different benefits. So, read up before making a purchase.
  • Finally, make sure that BJJ gi meets IBJJF standards as outlined in the competition gi rulebook.

How to Get the Perfect Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi Fit?

One can try and buy some of the best BJJ gi brands, but they mean nothing if your jiu-jitsu gear doesn’t fit right. Here are a few tips to help you get the perfect fit.

  1. Try it on. Check that the sleeves of the gi jackets are not too long or too short, the BJJ gi pants are not too tight or too loose, and the BJJ Gi allows you to move freely and comfortably. Check the sizing chart of the gi brand to determine which size chart will be most appropriate for you.
  2. Check the BJJ Gi requirements. Some BJJ schools have strict requirements regarding the BJJ gi color, material, or design of the Gi. So, make sure to check with your instructor.
  3. Choose the right BJJ gi material. Gi comes in different materials like cotton, hemp, and synthetic blends. For instance, cotton is the most popular material for BJJ Gi because it is comfortable, durable, and breathable.
  4. Check the shrinkage rate. Cotton gi may shrink after washing. You may want to buy a size larger than your actual size to compensate for any shrinkage.
  5. Adjust the fit. If the BJJ Gi is loose or tight. You can adjust the fit by tailoring it. You can shorten the sleeves and pants or add patches or embroidery.

How long does BJJ Gis Last?

The lifespan of a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi depends on various factors, such as the quality of the gi material, frequency of use, and maintenance. A high-quality Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gi can last several years. While a low-quality one may only last a few months.


Whether you are fighting competitively or need something lightweight and comfortable to roll in while your practice, the definition of the best BJJ gi depends on you.

From single weave to double weave gi, lightweight to ultra-heavyweight gi, there is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi out there for everyone. We hope this article has given you some insight and reassurance that spending your hard-earned money on any of these 18 best BJJ gis will be worth it!

Aziz Khan is the founder of Manruption. He is a solutions architect and a digital marketer in the AI world. He is also a boxer and a BJJ practitioner. He is passionate about helping others find new solutions to old problems.


13 Best Jiu-jitsu Gym Bags in 2024 (Ranked & Reviewed)



Best Overall

It's not cheap but it's a best bag out there for MMA practitioners.

Buy HayabusaRead Review
Best Versatility

This bag is high quality and can serve all purposes.

Buy HayabusaRead Review
Budget Friendly

This bag is best for people who are on a budget.

Buy Elite Gym BagRead Review

Brazilian jiu-jitsu can sometimes be an equipment-heavy sport requiring Gis, rash guards, shorts, tights, and belts. Once you have your expensive and precious equipment it is important to have a place to store it to protect it from getting damaged or lost. Enter the Jiu-Jitsu Gym bag.

So without further ado, let’s try to improve ourselves by committing to the principle of aggregate marginal benefits. It won’t improve your game right away but clean equipment means clean minds. Let’s get into it.

Best Jiu-jitsu gym bags & backpacks in 2023

Hayabusa Elite Boxing Duffle Bag

Hayabusa Ryoko Duffle Bag

Elite Sports Jiu Jitsu Gym Bag

Elite Sports BJJ Expandable Backpack

Hayabusa Ryoko Mesh Gym Bag

Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Duffle Bag

Notorious Combat BJJ Backpack

Meister Brawler Gym Duffel Bag

Sanabul Lab Series Mesh Duffel Gym Bag

Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Backpack

Hayabusa Ryoko Backpack

Adidas Team Issue

Meister Mesh Duffel Bag

Hayabusa Elite Boxing Duffle Bag

The Hayabusa Elite Boxing Duffle Bag is a perfect companion for all your martial arts and jiu-jitsu needs. This elite duffle bag is made from durable ripstop material, and it’s designed to keep your gym gear safe and secure. It features multiple compartments one to store your gi and the other to store your gloves, shoes, and other small items. It also has an adjustable shoulder strap for easy carrying. With its stylish design, the Hayabusa Elite Boxing Duffle Bag is perfect for sweaty gear thanks to its amazing ventilation. Your BJJ gear will love this bag and so will your teammates because you won’t stink.

 Jiu-jitsu Gym Bags


  • Extremely durable material that will last a long time
  • Multiple compartments for easy access
  • Amazing ventilation and storage space

Hayabusa Ryoko Duffle Bag

The Hayabusa Ryoko Duffle Bag is the perfect companion for anyone who loves to practice jiu-jitsu, MMA, or any other martial art. It is great to store your gi, mouth guard, and other items. It has a spacious inner compartment with a small pocket to fit your wallet, mouthguard, and an adjustable shoulder strap for easy carry. The Hayabusa Ryoko Duffle Bag is similar to the Elite Boxing Bag minus the separate glove compartment.

 Jiu-jitsu Gym Bags


  • Functional and stylish design that looks great.
  • Durable construction like all Hayabusa products.
  • Spacious inner compartment to fit all your BJJ or MMA gear.

Elite Sports Jiu Jitsu Gym Bag

The Elite Sports Jiu Jitsu gear bag is a duffel bag that can be used for MMA, BJJ, and boxing. This gym bag has a dedicated compartment for your shoes to keep your shoes separated to avoid dirtying your clothes or training equipment. It also has a dedicated compartment for your boxing gloves and a zipper pocket to keep your valuables safe and dry. It comes with mesh pockets for drying your dirty Gi. The Elite Sport gym bag comes in 2 colors grey and black.

 Jiu-jitsu Gym Bags


  • Budget-friendly with adjustable straps.
  • Ventilated side pocket for your sweaty gi.
  • Constructed with water-resistant materials.

Elite Sports BJJ Expandable Backpack

The Elite Sport Jiu-jitsu bag is an expandable duffle bag that can be used as a backpack as well as a duffel bag. It is expandable which is a great feature for when you want to carry extra equipment. It also comes with mesh pockets to dry off damp or sweaty gear. It has handles for it to be used as a duffel bag and shoulder straps for when you want to use it as a backpack. It also contains a hard shell pocket to keep valuables such as your wallet, sunglasses, and phone.

 Jiu-jitsu Gym Bags


  • Expandable with separate compartments.
  • High-quality water-resistant material.
  • Reinforced stitching on sides.

My Take

This is a great option for people looking for the storage space of duffel bags but the functionality of backpacks. With dedicated pockets for valuables and lots more, this is an awesome training bag.

Hayabusa Ryoko Mesh Gym Bag

The Hayabusa brand name is well known in the MMA community and like its other product you really can’t go wrong with the Hayabusa Ryoko Mesh gear bag. This Hayabusa bag offers tear-resistant mesh for durability and water-resistant pockets to keep your dry equipment separate from damp equipment. It also comes with two pockets for water bottles so that you don’t have to worry about your choice of hydration rolling around with the rest of your gear making it wet or sticky. This duffel bag comes in three different colors; grey, silver, and black.

 Jiu-jitsu Gym Bags


  • Made from tear-resistant mesh.
  • Has two pockets for water bottles.
  • Has water-resistant pockets to separate dry and wet gear.

My Take

The Hayabusa brand name speaks for itself. I think this is a great bag for frequent practitioners with separate compartments for dirty and clean gear.

Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Duffle Bag

This duffel bag has a 44-liter storage capacity and is meant for users who need a larger alternative to the backpack that’s offered by Gold. This bag comes with a waterproof pocket to keep your dirty Gi separate from clean clothes and equipment. It also comes with dedicated compartments in the side pocket for your phone and other valuables so that they stay secure in place. It comes with multiple pockets to store your BJJ essentials such as your belt or any other accessories. No matter how much gear you have the Gold BJJ will always have room to carry more. The Gold duffel bags come in black or grey color.


  • A large storage capacity for multiple sports.
  • Dedicated pockets for dirty gear.
  • Lots of pockets.

My Take

I think the Gold BJJ duffel bag is one of the largest bags on this list in terms of storage capacity. It offers numerous pockets and compartments that can be used for different things. This is another great back for BJJ training.

Notorious Combat BJJ Backpack

The Notorious Combat BJJ bag is a great choice for a gear bag. It has three external pockets and three internal pockets as well as a pocket on the backpack shoulder straps for cash and cards. A unique feature that the Notorious Combat bag has is the thermal compartment that can be used to store a bottle or an ice pack. This bag has a 32-liter capacity that is more than sufficient for your MMA needs. Notorious Combat understands that your time is valuable that’s why their gear bag comes equipped with a laptop pocket so you can go to and from work directly from your training sessions. It also has separate compartments for your shoes and dirty martial arts gear.


  • Equipped with laptop pockets making it a good bag for busy people.
  • Thermal compartment for storing bottles or ice packs.
  • Back padding for comfort.

My Take

This is a great option if you’re looking for backpacks and with a 32-liter capacity that matches with some duffle bags out there you won’t ever be running out of space.

Meister Brawler Gym Duffel Bag

The Brawler Gym bag is a pretty big bag with around 40 liters of storage space. A unique feature of the Meister gear bag is the integrated zip-out wash bag that can be used to store all your dirty gear from training and directly transfer it into the washing machine. Pretty neat right? This bag again comes with a dedicated shoe compartment that is vented to ensure the shoe smells don’t creep into the main compartment. It also has many smaller compartments to store valuables or smaller accessories. This bag comes only in the black color


  • Removable wash bag provides convenient transfer of dirty clothes.
  • Dedicated shoe compartment.
  • A large storage capacity.

My Take

I think the Meister gym really makes a great case for itself with the removable washbag that you can use to store dirty gear, and with a shoe compartment and large 40-liter capacity, this really is a great training bag.

Sanabul Lab Series Mesh Duffel Gym Bag

The Sanabul Mesh Duffel bag has pockets for days with pockets dedicated to personal items and shoes. You won’t find a single side that’s missing pockets. This duffel bag comes with heavy-duty zippers and reinforced stitching to make sure this bag sticks along as you progress through belts. The Sanabul Duffel bag comes with an anti-slip grip pattern at the bottom so your bag doesn’t slip around as you’re taking items in and out. The main compartment of this bag can easily fit multiple pairs of boxing gloves and BJJ Gis. This bag is only available in black.


  • An anti-slip grip provides easy unloading and loading.
  • Heavy-duty zippers and stitching for durability.
  • A large number of pockets.

My Take

The Sanabul backpack is a great bag made from durable materials and although there is no official figure from the company on the storage capacity it’s big enough to fit multiple gloves and Gis.

Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu Backpack

The Gold BJJ backpack is made by Jiu-Jitsu athletes that actually practice the sport and have expertise in contact sports. It comes with a pocket made from water-resistant material for your sweaty Gis or rash guards. This backpack has 25 Liter storage capacity. It comes with a zippered side pocket for your water bottle and a dedicated belt pocket to keep your BJJ belt in an easily accessible pocket. The bag also has a velvet-lined compartment inside to keep your valuables secure. As with all Gold BJJ products, this backpack is also backed by the Gold BJJ guarantee so you can return or replace the product no questions asked.


  • Gold BJJ guarantee for refunds and replacements.
  • Dedicated belt pocket.
  • Water bottle pocket.

My Take

The Gold BJJ backpack is for those users that are looking for the amazing quality of the Gold BJJ bags in the form of a backpack. This bag has a water bottle pocket and also a dedicated belt pocket making this bag a great choice for your BJJ training gear.

Hayabusa Ryoko Backpack

The Hayabusa Ryoko Backpack is a sleek and stylish backpack that is made of quality materials and made by a well-known brand within the MMA community. It comes with a dedicated pocket for your gloves or shoes. Like the Notorious Combat backpack, this bag also has a laptop pocket that is externally accessible for quick access to your laptop if you’re practicing MMA in between work. It also comes with a phone pocket with a headphone port so you can listen to music. The ventilation keeps your sweaty clothes and clean clothes dry. This bag only comes in one design which is a mix of grey and black colors.


  • Comfortable backpack straps.
  • Laptop pockets for busy users
  • Dedicated pocket for gloves or shoes.

My Take

The Hayabusa brand is a reputable brand that offers great quality. If you’re always busy with work but also want to train BJJ then this bag is great for you. With a laptop pocket, you can use this bag for training and for work.

Adidas Team Issue

The Adidas Team Issue duffel bag is a duffel bag that can be used for any sport. It comes with multiple pockets for all your training gear. The bag comes with a water-resistant base and ventilated side pockets for your dirty clothes or shoes so they stay separated from clean clothes and equipment. The bag comes with padded straps and a soft handle to ensure that it’s easy to carry. This bag comes in 10 different colors! Making sure there is a color for everyone.


  • Dedicated ventilated pockets for dirty clothes or shoes.
  • Available in lots of colors.
  • Water-resistant base.

My Take

This duffel bag offers great storage for any sport. Although not meant specifically for MMA or Jiu-Jitsu, this is still a great option from a reputable brand in sports.

Meister Mesh Duffel Bag

The Meister Duffel bag is one of the lightest gear bags on this list weighing just under a pound. It is super easy to carry and has pockets on each side. The bag itself is made of breathable chain mesh that is great for keeping all your equipment fresh. This bag comes in two different sizes but only one color.


  • Great ventilation for keeping clothes fresh.
  • Available in two different sizes.
  • Very light-weight.

My Take

This bag is a great option for people looking for a lightweight bag made from quality materials. I think doesn’t offer a lot of cool features but you really can’t beat a nice simple design.

Frequently Asked Question

How can I keep my BJJ bag fresh?

The best way to keep any sweaty gear fresh is to air it after every use. With items like shoulder bags, shoes, boxing gloves, and other gear, I’d recommend getting a coat hanger and hanging the items for a day or two. I have a designated stand-alone coat hanger with six prongs and it works just fine.

Can I use a regular duffle bag for BJJ?

Yes, of course, you can. There is no restriction when it comes to what type of bag or backpack you should use. A BJJ bag is designed with the BJJ training gear in mind. So, it is easier for BJJ athletes to access their items. BJJ bags have a wet gear compartment that can help you separate clean clothes and sweaty gear.

A BJJ bag will help you keep all your equipment in one place so it’s always packed and ready to go. It can be helpful in keeping your training gear fresh and separating dirty gear from your clean clothes can be a hassle sometimes. I’m sure we can all appreciate a sparing partner who smells fresh and doesn’t wear sweaty gear. In this guide, we recommend the 13 best BJJ gear bags available today. Consider factors such as size, compartment, durability, style, and price when choosing a BJJ bag. I highly recommend investing in a BJJ gym bag over a regular duffel bag.

What should I look for in a jiu-jitsu gear bag?

When choosing a BJJ bag, consider size, durability, compartments, ventilation, comfort, water resistance, accessibility, brand reputation, and price. Choose a bag that accommodates your gear and is made from durable materials. The BJJ bag should have organized compartments and should promote airflow. The bag must also offer comfort during transportation and must be water-resistant in case of rain. The last thing anyone wants is a soggy gi before training. The BJJ bag must allow easy access to small items such as mouthpieces and finger tape containers. I recommend going with a reputable brand like Hayabusa or Sanabul as long as it fits within your budget.

Should I choose a BJJ duffel bag or a BJJ backpack?

Choosing between an MMA duffel bag or a BJJ backpack depends on your personal needs. A duffel bag is great for ample storage and easy access, while a backpack is ideal for portability and organization. The size of your BJJ gear bag comes down to the amount of sweaty gear you will carry back home after practice. Simple rule, go with a duffel bag when size matters and a backpack when you want to be in and out quickly.


If you’re a regular BJJ practitioner and want a bag that caters more towards Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or MMA, then it’s probably a good idea to consider a BJJ bag for your BJJ gear. They also help you keep your clean clothes separated from your sweaty clothes adding a level of organization to your kit that you will appreciate in the long run. Cheap bags only offer fewer compartments and pockets and are made from non-water-resistant fabrics or unbreathable material which leaves you with dirty training gear.

So if you’re interested in keeping your equipment organized and fresh consider choosing from our list of best BJJ gear bags and you will not be disappointed.

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Is meatless meat healthy for vegan BJJ athletes? (5 Incredible benefits & facts)



The simple answer is YES. It’s totally okay to be plant-based and practice BJJ. However, in this article, we will look at some benefits and some drawbacks of going meatless.

Meatless meat is prepared using a wide range of other products. The basic components are rice, black beans, pea, or soybeans.

Are you intrigued by the rising popularity of meatless meat options? These are meats plant-based and may be consumed for ethical and moral reasons. But, the main question is: Is meatless meat healthy?

Let’s find out!

In-depth Analysis

meatless meat

The benefits of consuming plant-based meat alternatives like Beyond Meat are enormous, and it also shows your ethics and morals. Many people eat meatless meat due to sustainability and discourage industrial animal agriculture. Many also think about the environment, public health, and animal welfare. However, this article will talk about its health benefits.

It is interesting that various plant-based ‘meats’ don’t contain certain harmful nutrients for heart health, such as sodium and saturated fat. Moreover, countless research is available linking the consumption of red meat and processed foods with various cancers, including the breast and colon.

So next time you are at burger king ordering the impossible whopper or any plant-based burgers, you can feel better about the fact that you reduced the chances of cardiovascular disease in the future.

On the other hand, plants are the best source of fiber. Consuming a more plant-based diet helps in increasing your fiber consumption while getting more minerals, vitamins, and nutrients for health protection.

Moreover, meatless meats offer a similar texture and taste to the actual meat and work pretty well for individuals who want to avoid meat products.

Why do people swear by the health benefits of real meat?

Fat people always say that meat is healthy. Meat less meat is better.

I have been eating meatless burgers for about a year now, and I can assure you that the more plant-based food I consume, the more I can’t understand why people eat regular meat. Meat eaters today are out of shape and will vouch for the health benefits of animal meat. They will often make comments like veggie burgers are not real burgers or fake meat is bad for you. But who are we kidding most of these meat consumers are fatter than fed chicken.

Who would you rather listen to? A fit person who enjoys impossible burgers every day or a fat meat eater who loves processed food and has high blood pressure? Food science has made it possible to simulate that meaty taste and improve nutritional quality. So why shy away from eating less meat?

Up Sides About Going Meatless

Every time you pick meat substitutes at the grocery stores are immediately rewarded with a high amount of soy protein or its alternative pea protein and vital wheat gluten. When you choose to substitute red and processed meats or reduce meat consumption, you lower your risk of heart disease and take in roughly the same amount of nutrients. If you add supplementation to your diet, you come out on top.

Easy digestion

Plant-based proteins digest easily. So, you will not be farting all day as you do with heavy whey protein powders. Only in the last 15 to 20 years that animal protein has been prioritized over plant protein. As a child, my mom mostly fed us vegetables and forbade excessive amounts of sugar.

With the rise of social media and lobbyists in Washington D.C., meat and processed foods are now considered superfoods. Imagine these people working at the meat market. I bet they have no idea what kind of violence goes into that meat burger.

Healthy fats

Plant-based fats are unsaturated fats that can help lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease. Some examples of healthy fats include olive oil, avocados, nuts, and seeds. It’s best to limit saturated and trans fats as much as possible and replace them with healthy unsaturated fats.

So, if you like chronic diseases and exercise animal cruelty at the expense of your health, all the power to you. As we all know, creatures that refuse to adapt to nature eventually go extinct.

Down Sides About Going Meatless

Even though meatless meats have several benefits, they also have a few downsides.

Meatless products are highly processed

For instance, many meatless meats, such as Impossible Burgers, are highly processed and may contain as much saturated fat and sodium as their meat counterparts.

Moreover, many processed types of meat also have several other ingredients that may be harmful to specific individuals, including added sugar, dextrose, refined oils, and modified cornstarch. To avoid such harmful ingredients, read the label before purchasing.

Just like anything in life, everything has a downside, and plant-based diets are the exception. Most plant-based diets depend on soy-based products. This makes it difficult for people who have severe allergies. Fortunately, there are other alternatives like pea, rice, or black-bean-based products.

I don’t know about you but I think these downsides are far less than eating a fatty burger with chemicals that our body can’t process. If athletes like Venus Williams and Carl Lewis can set multiple records by eating plant-based foods, there must be something good about it.

How To Live A Good Life While Consuming Meatless Meats?

Almond is a great source of nutrients when on a meatless diet.
Almond is a great source of nutrients when on a meatless diet.

Even though meatless meat options are relatively healthier than their meat counterparts, that doesn’t mean that you consume them without checking the labels.

  • When shopping for meatless meats, check the nutrition labels and ingredients list. A few things that you can look for are:
  • Foods that are nutrition dense, i.e. containing legumes, beans, grains, vegetables, seeds, and nuts.
  • Low sodium intake; consumption needs to be less than 2300 mg each day.
  • The saturated fat content should contribute less than 10% of the total calories.
  • Fortified foods contain added minerals and vitamins, including vitamin D or B12.
  • Foods rich in protein support recommended protein intake for each day.

A Few Things To Avoid

It would help if you avoided certain things when shopping for meatless meats.

  • Even though there is no strong evidence suggesting that artificial ingredients like additives or fillers are harmful, avoiding them can be good if you’re going for all-natural.
  • Another ingredient you need to use in moderation is added sugar. However, added sugars may be mentioned as the names glucose, fructose, or maltose.
  • You also need to avoid high-calorie foods, especially if you want to lose weight.

How can you switch to plant-based meat alternatives?

Switching to a plant-based diet can be easy and delicious. Here are a few tips that will help you get rid of that ground beef and get you to love that impossible burger.

1. Start small by adding meatless meat options into your diet gradually.

2. Experiment with different recipes to find dishes that you love.

3. Shop at local Farmers’ Markets or grow your own produce to get the freshest and most nutritious fruits and vegetables.

4. Incorporate meatless meat alternatives into your favorite meals, such as tacos, pasta, or burgers.

5. Find a supportive community of family and friends who can help encourage you on your journey to better health.


Here is what we’ve learned in a nutshell about meatless meat products.

1. They are low in saturated fat and cholesterol than regular meat.

2. They can help you lose weight or maintain a healthy weight if you follow dietary guidelines.

3. They can help reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

4. They are good sources of fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

5. They may help reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes.

6. They are environmentally friendly.

7. They are humane, do not contribute to animal cruelty, and are tasty alternatives.


Many meatless types of meat offer vegan and vegetarian options for individuals who refuse to eat meat. This article explored if these meatless meats are healthy. Furthermore, this article explained the ingredients you should seek in meatless meats and the ones to avoid as consumers.

Plant-based proteins and packaged meat alternatives offer a sustainable red meat alternative that is healthy for your heart, body, and mind. You reduce the chances of cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.

Hopefully, this blog post has given you insights into the topic of healthy eating and will help you make the switch to plant-based alternatives or a veggie burger next time you are at a fast-food restaurant. I am not against meat but the way animal-based meat is produced today should belong in history books and not in our current society.

What do you think about plant-based meats? Would you substitute red meat for plant-based meat products? Is ‘beyond burger’ already a part of your diet? Let us know well would love to hear your thoughts on meat alternatives.

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15 Best BJJ Shorts in 2023 (MMA & No Gi)



Best Overall

It's not cheap but this product is for the best.

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Best Performance

These shorts are virtually indestructible on all levels.

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Most Unique

If you want something that stands out, this is it.

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Are you tired of grappling shorts that restrict your movement and hinder your performance? No worries, we welcome you to the ultimate guide for the 12 best Grappling, MMA, and No Gi BJJ shorts of 2023! In this post, we prioritize quality, comfort, and ratings from both beginners and experienced practitioners to help you find the perfect pair from a wide variety of MMA shorts available on the market.

Our Pick For 15 Best BJJ Shorts in 2023

Whether you’re a seasoned BJJ practitioner or just starting, you know how important it is to have the right gear. That’s why we’ve scoured the market to find the high-quality best BJJ shorts that will help you perform at your best.

  1. Future Kimono BJJ Shorts
  2. Hayabusa Hexagon MMA Shorts
  3. Phalanx BJJ Shorts
  4. Tatami Fightwear BJJ Shorts
  5. FUJI Baseline Grappling Shorts
  6. Elite Sports MMA Shorts 
  7. ROAR MMA Shorts
  8. SOTF BJJ Shorts  
  9. Gold BJJ Shorts
  10. Venum Gladiator 3.0 Fight shorts
  11. LAFROI Mens BJJ Shorts 
  12. Sanabul Essential BJJ Shorts
  13. Anthem Athletics MMA Shorts
  14. RDX MMA Shorts
  15. Miester Fight Shorts

Future Kimono BJJ Shorts

Benefits of Future Kimono

  1. Available in a variety of designs.
  2. Has a Gold BJJ guarantee.
  3. Has a large range of sizes.

These jiu-jitsu shorts are the ultimate combination of style and functionality, offering a range of features that are designed to make them the go-to shorts for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu practitioners and MMA fighters alike.

These shorts provide great mobility and feature inner thigh stretch panels and reinforced stitching. The product comes with a silicone and velcro waistband that ensures the shorts stay in place even during the toughest workouts. These fight shorts are also machine washable.

What sets these shorts apart is the number of designs and colors to choose from. There really is an option for just about anyone with over 20 designs and five colors. The only drawback design-wise is that the shorts are only colored from the sides and groin area. There are more sizes available in the Future Kimono jiu jitsu shorts from XS to 4XL. The shorts also come with a Gold BJJ guarantee, ensuring you are getting the highest quality, so this is the best option for a serious fighter to add to their kit.

Hayabusa Hexagon MMA Shorts

Best BJJ Shorts

Benefits of Hayabusa

  1. Made from extremely durable materials.
  2. Stays in place with a velcro waistband.
  3. Great color options.

Hayabusa Hexagon is the ultimate fight shorts for comfort, performance, and longevity to achieve optimal jiu-jitsu and MMA training sessions.

The shorts are made of 100% polyester and have a hybrid cut that unites the fit and feel of both kickboxing and boardshorts allowing you to execute high kicks and grappling maneuvers without limiting your mobility. The Hayabusa shorts are also extremely durable and are constructed with a unique blended fabric that can withstand 790 newtons of force so there’s no way they can’t take a training session.

The Hayabusa Hexagon is a pair of BJJ Shorts that you must have in your inventory. They are sleek, stylish and come in a variety of different sizes from small to XXL. These fight shorts are available in Black, Burgundy, Gray, Green, Navy, and White.

Phalanx BJJ Shorts

Best BJJ Shorts

Benefits of Phalanx

  1. Has a unique moisture-wicking technology.
  2. Simple minimalistic design.
  3. Provides the perfect balance of stretch and durability.

If you are tired of wearing uncomfortable and restricting shorts during your BJJ or MMA training sessions, Look no further than the Phalanx Men’s Fight Shorts. The Phalanx Army has tested these shorts, and they are the perfect combination for your comfort. With a relaxed fit and stretchy polyester material, you won’t have to worry about restricted movement during your grappling session.

The stitching on all stress points and interlocking velcro front ensure extreme durability, while the antimicrobial and moisture-wicking technology keeps you fresh and dry.

Not only do these shorts perform well, but they also look great with sublimated prints available in various colors to match every rank. And with a no questions asked satisfaction guarantee, you can purchase them with confidence and say goodbye to uncomfortable shorts. These BJJ shorts are available in waist sizes 28 to 40 with a variety of colors.

Tatami Fightwear BJJ Shorts  

Best BJJ Shorts

Benefits of Tatami

  1. The velcro waistband makes sure the shorts stay in place.
  2. Are breathable making sure you stay dry.
  3. The one design makes it easier to choose.

The Tatami Fightwear No Gi BJJ Shorts are the top-selling shorts for any serious Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner. These shorts are designed to optimize your performance in the ring with their durable construction and agile design. With high-quality stitching and inner thigh stretch panels, you can be sure that these shorts will withstand the toughest training sessions and competitions. The adjustable velcro waistband and stretch material ensure a comfortable fit for all body types.

So, don’t settle for just any old pair of BJJ Shorts- trust Tatami Fightwear’s high-quality standards and add them to your arsenal today. These combat shorts are available in Medium to XXL and are, unfortunately, only available in black but do come in a unique design.

FUJI Baseline Grappling Shorts

Best BJJ Shorts

Benefits of FUJI

  1. You can customize your shorts.
  2. Ultra-lightweight allows for greater comfort.
  3. Great for people with a larger waist size.

The FUJI Baseline Grappling Shorts stand out from other MMA and BJJ shorts on the market due to their ultra-lightweight. The shorts also feature a 360-degree stretch flex panel, enhancing flexibility and mobility.

Another factor that sets the FUJI Baseline Grappling Shorts apart from other shorts is their customizability. The black color of the shorts is the perfect backdrop for club logos or sponsor patches, making them ideal for team members or fighters who want to represent their gym or sponsors.

Overall, the FUJI Baseline Grappling Shorts are a unique, high-quality option for any grappling athlete. They offer superior comfort that is unmatched by many other fight shorts on the market. The FUJI shorts are available in sizes 28 to 44 and are available in Black, Black/Blue, Black/Green, Black/Orange, Black/Red, Black/Purple, Black/Yellow, Grey, Navy, and Red.

Elite Sports MMA Shorts

Best BJJ Shorts

Benefits of Elite Sports

  1. IBJJF approved.
  2. Machine washable and ironable.
  3. Affordable.

The Elite Sports fight shorts, unlike other shorts which are made of mostly polyester, are made from a special lightweight microfiber fabric that provides a great range of motion and comfort during your grappling or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu sessions. These fight shorts are also IBJJF-approved so you can also take them to any tournaments.

These shorts feature essential elements such as inner thigh stretch and side slits that aid your legwork. Unfortunately, these shorts don’t have a velcro strap but do come with an elastic waistband and drawstrings ensuring your shorts stay securely in place during intense training and fights.

The Elite Sports fight shorts are machine washable with cold water and can be ironed on the low heat setting. These shorts come in sizes small to 3XL and are available in two colors, black and grey. The benefits don’t end there as they are also extremely affordable making them the essential BJJ shorts for your closet.


Benefits of ROAR MMA

  1. Value for money.
  2. Fit true to size.
  3. A large variety of styles to choose from.

If you are looking for both functional as well as stylish shorts, then the ROAR MMA shorts are the ones to consider. Unlike the previous option, these shorts are made from 100% polyester but do provide stretch panels for greater mobility.

Its ergonomically designed texture provides excellent flexibility and a comfortable fit during training sessions. The black-trimmed waistband with the woven adjustable strap closure adds to the sleek look, while the internal drawstring keeps the shorts securely in place. With the ROAR MMA guarantee, you can trust in the quality and durability of these shorts for the long term.

These shorts are available in sizes S to XXL and fit true to size according to the reviews. ROAR offers a variety of colors and patterns to choose from so you never have to worry about looking boring at practice.


Benefits of SOTF

  1. Fit as expected.
  2. Affordable option.
  3. Cool design.

The SOTF boxing shorts feature a cobra on their shorts and truly these shorts will have you slithering through your training like a cobra! The velcro waistband enclosure and drawstring provide an adjustable and secure fit, while the elastic waistband makes these boxing shorts slightly stretchy for ultimate comfort.

The excellent printing technology ensures that the pattern of these no-gi shorts is clearer and will not fade over time. That being said, one of the downsides of the SOTF BJJ shorts is that they are only hand washable.

These no-gi shorts also come in different sizes, so make sure to measure your waist circumference to ensure the perfect fit. These no-gi shorts are available in S to XXL sizes and Black, Red, Black, and Gray.

Gold BJJ Shorts

Benefits of Gold BJJ

  1. IBJJF approved.
  2. Breathable material helps keep you dry.
  3. No pockets are suitable for a variety of tournaments.

The Gold BJJ Shorts are one of the best shorts that can meet the demands of MMA, grappling, and no-gi BJJ; they are made from slightly stretchy material to allow a full range of motion, and they feature thigh stretch panels for even more flexibility.

These Jiu-Jitsu shorts feature an adjustable waistband with an internal drawstring and are breathable with sweat-wicking technology to provide maximum comfort during your training sessions. The silicone waistband and silicone hem won’t budge no matter how intense your training gets.

Moreover, the Gold BJJ Shorts are IBJJF approved, meaning you can wear them confidently during competitions. Gold produces high-quality BJJ Shorts and offers a satisfaction guarantee, making them your go-to shorts for all your training needs. These BJJ shorts are available in sizes XS to 3XL. One minor drawback is that they only come in black.

Venum Gladiator

Benefits of Venum

  1. Good for people of all sizes.
  2. Black & White is a no-brainer.
  3. One-year warranty and 100% money-back guarantee.

The Venum shorts are an excellent option. This brand is worn by some of the best in the game including professional MMA fighter Gegard Mousasi. The inner drawstring enclosure ensures a secure fit, while the breathable, stretchy, quick-drying material ensures maximum comfort, making them the best for BJJ, MMA, catch wrestling, no-gi, and submission grappling.

One of the standout features of these shorts is the inner thigh stretch panel that provides an unrestricted range of motion, giving you the flexibility to execute all your moves easily. The reinforced stitching also ensures durability for every training session; that’s why this gear should be a part of every BJJ practitioner’s arsenal.

The Venum shorts also come with a one-year warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee, making it a risk-free buy for anyone in the BJJ community. They come in sizes of 3XS to 4XL and are available in many colors and patterns.

LAFROI Mens BJJ Shorts

Benefits of LAFROI

  1. Anti-tear technology.
  2. Available in unique designs.
  3. Machine Washable.

For training freely without any restrictions, consider LAFROI MMA BJJ shorts. The velcro plus drawstring closure ensures the shorts stay in place during even the toughest sessions. At the same time, the anti-tear microfiber fabric provides extreme durability, so you don’t have to worry about the product tearing.

These shorts are great for BJJ, Muay Thai, and boxing. The lightweight and quick-drying material ensures you stay comfortable and dry, while the sublimated print prevents any color or logo peeling. Their style is similar to board shorts and they are made from mostly polyester.

Wear the LAFROI BJJ shorts to your next Jiu-Jitsu session and experience the ultimate performance for yourself. The shorts are available in S to XL sizes with a variety of different patterns and colors to match your rash guards.

Sanabul BJJ Shorts

Benefits of Sanabal Essential

  1. IBJFF approved.
  2. Great value for money.
  3. Endorsed by professional MMA athletes.

Sanabul is a brand that speaks for itself. Used by the likes of Gilbert Burns and Sean O’Malley, you can be confident that you’re getting high-quality gear. The drawstring waistband with a velcro closure ensures a secure fit, while the open seams and four-way stretchable fabric provide ultimate comfort and flexibility.

Made with reinforced stitching and seam protection, these shorts are built to last. The material treatment means they stay dry and clean. The minimal velcro closure looks tidy and keeps your shorts in place.

The iconic Sanabul logo gives a clean and classic look, making them a great choice for any fighter. The shorts come in waist sizes 30-38 and come only in black with different color options for the waistband.

Anthem Athletics Reignite 

Benefits of Anthem Athletics

  1. IBJJF approved.
  2. Fit True to size.
  3. Machine washable

Get ready to step up your MMA and no-gi BJJ shorts game with the Anthem Athletics Reignite shorts made from high-quality microfiber fabric, these shorts are perfect for grappling, MMA, and no-gi training.

These BJJ shorts are IBJJF approved and feature an elastic waistband with no velcro front. The Anthem Athletics MMA BJJ shorts are durable and designed to last with no-tear material. They are also machine washable.

The fly-away side slits of the shorts allow for quick and improved leg work. The Anthem Athletic Reignite shorts are made of polyester and spandex making them comfortable for long Jiu-Jitsu sessions. They are available in S to 3XL and in six different color options.

RDX MMA Shorts

Benefits of RDX

  1. Built-in inner pocket.
  2. Trusted brand endorsed by professional MMA athletes.
  3. 3-ply stitching ensures no tears.

The RDX MMA shorts are yet another great option and provide optimal comfort during training. These shorts are made from a combination of polyester and spandex and have a 3ply polyester stitching so they don’t rip during intense grappling sessions.

These shorts feature adjustable drawstrings that are sure to keep the shorts secure so you can focus on training. They also have an inner pocket for a mouth guard which is an interesting unique feature we haven’t seen on this list. The side slits offer a greater range of motion during kicking or while you’re on the floor.

The RDX MMA shorts are durable and convenient and a great option for noncompetitive sparring and training. These shorts are available in small to 3XL sizes and have five different color options.

Meister Fight Shorts

Benefits of Miester

  1. Unique style.
  2. Snug fit.
  3. Made from durable material.

The Meister MMA Crown Vale Tudo Fight Shorts are compression-style MMA/BJJ shorts that are manufactured using Lycra Microfiber made from a mix of 75% Nylon and 25% polyester. They offer a snug and sleek fit that is great for any training session.

The Meister MMA These shorts have a small internal drawstring to secure your shorts for intense grappling or Jiu Jitsu session. The Meister shorts come in an XS to XXXL size and three different color options.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Choose BJJ Shorts?

When selecting MMA or BJJ shorts, you should consider their durability, flexibility, and range of motion. The shorts should have reinforced stitching and stretch panels to withstand the rigors of grappling and striking. Inner thigh stretch panels provide additional mobility during training and competition. Look for a secure fit with a Velcro waistband enclosure and an adjustable waistband. Brands such as Elite Sports and Venum offer high-quality shorts that meet these criteria.

Can you wear shorts in MMA?

Yes, shorts are a common choice for MMA fighters. They provide mobility and durability for grappling and striking. Compression shorts are also an option for MMA fighters, but they do not offer the same level of protection.

Can you wear compression shorts in MMA?

Compression shorts are allowed in MMA, but they do not provide the same level of protection as MMA shorts. They are lightweight and breathable but do not have the reinforced stitching and stretch panels needed for grappling and striking. They are more suitable for training and light sparring.

Can you do BJJ in shorts?

Yes, BJJ can be practiced in shorts. Grappling shorts or BJJ shorts are recommended as they provide the necessary flexibility and durability for BJJ training. Look for shorts with reinforced seams and inner thigh stretch panels, and shorts feature a secure waistband.

What are grappling shorts and why are they important for combat sports?

Grappling shorts, also known as MMA fight shorts or BJJ shorts, are specifically designed for combat sports. They feature reinforced stitchings and stretch panels to withstand the rigors of grappling and striking. Grappling shorts also provide mobility and flexibility for the practitioner, allowing for a full range of motion during training and competition. They are essential for combat sports such as MMA, BJJ, and Muay Thai.

What is the difference between BJJ shorts and other training shorts?

BJJ shorts are specifically designed for BJJ practitioners and feature reinforced seams, inner thigh stretch panels, and a secure waistband. They are made from stretchy materials that allow for a full range of motion during training and competition. Other training shorts may have different levels of durability and mobility needed for grappling sports.

Wrap Up

Whether you’re a veteran or a beginner mixed martial artist, you’re going to need some good quality shorts if you intend on practicing no gi BJJ or just don’t like gi pants. Now that you’ve read the article we hope you know what to look for when searching for the perfect no-gi BJJ shorts. Choose from our list of essential BJJ shorts

Looking for rash guards to pair with these awesome shorts? Check out our list of best rash guards here

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